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How to work with food retailers

Do you want to scale up your food business and start selling to food retailers?

My guide will walk you through the four steps to start (and keep) selling to retailers.  Easy to follow and put into action.


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      Printables to document your research and keep track of your suppliers

        A tutorial showing you how to create sell sheets that look good using free tools

Get a system in place for selling that helps you achieve your goals for your business.  ​

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Caroline || The Ingredients of Business​

Who am I?

I am Caroline, your food business support crew.  I help food businesses to grow and flourish, mainly so I can eat their fabulous food.

I use my skills gained from being a catering officer in the Air Force and then working as a chartered accountant to get you out of overwhelm, back in control and enjoying running your food business again.  ​